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Thrive and Shine In Business Programs

    As a life coach working with women in business I help female entrepreneurs get clear on where they want to be and form a solid foundation for their business start up. I focus on helping you to develop a brand and creating a strong marketing and sales plan. My programs include the following:

    ✔ NICHE, AVATAR AND BRAND - develop a point of difference

    ✔ MARKETING AND SALES - generate more customers/clients and have them coming to you

    ✔ PRODUCTIVITY - I will show you the KEY systems I use to free up time so that I work more efficiently and productively

    ✔ MINDSET - Learn how to get rid of the negative self doubt that is holding back your sales and overcome overwhelm and procrastination.

    I will help give you steps to get from idea to a profitable business:

    In the 12 week Business Mastermind program I show you how to live your passion through your biz, getting unstuck, overcome fear and procrastination and create a profitable niche and brand. We work through 6 modules over the course of 12 weeks.

    Are you unclear about the direction you want to take with your business?

    Do you get overwhelmed, procrastinate and waste time being "busy" but not actually doing things that are efficient and effective for your business to thrive?

    Do you struggle with marketing and need a clear plan?

    Are you unclear about the end goal and need help with working out how to get moving?

    Do you have feelings of fear and self-doubt about your ability to be in business and working on your own?

    Have you answered YES to these questions? ​ If so, the Thrive and Shine In Business Programs may be for you.

    The business transformational programs will take you through a structured process that will ultimately lead you to develop a thriving business. I will help you get clear on what your point of difference is, your niche and who your avatar is as well as work out your best marketing strategy for ongoing success. In the program I give you steps to develop a clear and concise business and marketing plan as well as helping you overcome personal challenges in your mindset that might be stopping you from meeting benchmarks and making sales. To see if you are ready to take the next step, book your strategy session by clicking below.



  • You dream about scaling your business online and having endless clients enquiring about you.
  • You struggle to charge your worth and are earning less than you deserve.
  • Maybe you're wanting to have better income because you've gone part time in your day job to pursue your dreams as an entrepreneur.
  • You’ve signed up for all sorts of coaching programs online.... but didn't get the detail you needed to scale your particular business. 
  • You're a bit stuck with countless of ideas floating all over the place but no idea which one to implement and how to follow through.
  • You feel HELPLESS, CONFUSED, and almost want to give up on business cause it's "all too hard" - ahem, bulls#*t. You can do it babe!

But how could it be possible to scale my business when I have only just started?

The fact is we never wake up and know all the steps it takes to thriving success when it comes to business. It's not something we intuitively know how to do. It takes courage, commitment and having the right system and strategy.

Thrive and Shine in your business right here!


Group mentoring, a supportive community, weekly accountability and more! 

Our programs cover every step you need to take to go from a lack of clients to scaling to a 6 figure income. 

When you finally step into your truth, connected with your heart, and own my undeniable worth, you will be able to…

  • Value yourself and your services to charge your worth!
  • Live a fulfilling life as a heart-centred, soul-driven entrepreneur.
  • Scale your business to 6 figures 

And I'm here to show you how!

"When we are heart-centred and soul driven, that's when we rise up to thrive and shine."


Imagine how it would feel to work for yourself. To wake up each day not having to answer to a boss or annoying colleagues who complain about what they do.

Why delay another minute?

I connected with Phoebe to help my own clients in an area I am not very knowledgeable in. Boy, was that a great move! I was so impressed and intrigued by her passion and wisdom around not only marketing but also the human condition, strategies, behaviours, etc, that I had to continue to work with her and instantly signed up to her program. She has pushed me to step outside of that safe comfort zone and take risks in both my business and relationships. I went there for the marketing, and what I am getting, is so much more. Thank you for your compassion, your dedication, your stretching, and your absolute desire to pull my inner best out. 

Karen McTackett - Author, Founder of I-AM Academy

I signed up with Phoebe as I wanted to get my startup coaching business off the ground and learn the tools and strategies to promote my business and my books.
Phoebe has a wealth of knowledge on how to do this. With her beautiful nature and encouraging style she held me accountable and gave me the necessary knowledge to gain business momentum and get out there.

Thank you Phoebe.

Suzanne Duncan -
Author, Founder of Discovery Within

I had a business idea but no idea where to start and was feeling very overwhelmed by the process. Thankfully I stumbled across Phoebe just at the right time ... her business mastermind program was exactly what I needed! I'm finding her knowledge & guidance invaluable, and I'm making progress so much faster than if I was going it alone. Whether it's a specific, detailed strategy or just bouncing ideas, she always has great advice 🙂 Thanks Phoebe x

Sarah Usher -
CEO and Founder of The Glowing Mumma



Phoebe is absolutely amazing at what she does! She asks the right questions and guides you in the direction that helps you grow in your business! There will never be a session where you won't learn from her! Phoebe's caring, down to earth nature makes her really easy and fun to work with too! ❤   - Vy Vu